Get Swipp

Swipp can be acquired either by buying it at an exchange where Swipp is traded, or joining the network by mining the currency.

You can also procure additional Swipp via interest, either by hosting a masternode or by staking the currency in your wallet. Staking is automatic and requires you to keep your wallet and node running in order to receive rewards.

If you are a representative of an exchange or a mining pool that supports Swipp, let us know - we will gladly list it here.

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Exchange Pair Link
Altmarkets SWIPP / BTC
Altmarkets SWIPP / DOGE
Altmarkets SWIPP / LTC
Altmarkets V2 SWIPP / BTC
Crex24 SWIPP / BTC

Mining Pools

This is a list of some unofficial mining pools for Swipp. This list contains only working pools. Any pools that are reported as very unstable or non-working in some way will be removed from this list.

Use only official pools listed on the website. We work closely with our official pools to make sure updates are handled smoothly and that mining on the pools is safe.

Name URL Fee
tross Mining Pool 1.0%
Miningcore Mining Pool 1.0%
Pool reported to be unstable or in maintenance mode. Currently not recommended for general mining.