Below you can find a list of currently active and historical bounties. We encourage all members of the community to participate in any bounties that they find interesting. Helping in financing bounties is a way for each and every member of the community to influence the direction and development of Swipp.

A bounty could cover anything from financing of new features in the wallet to completely new development and ideas. They can also be a means of collecting fees for exchange listings and charges for other services.

Please contact us if you have any interesting ideas for bounties.

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At the moment, bounties are managed manually by the core team. However, in the future, they will be managed completely by the community via the planned bounty portal, which you can read about on the roadmap.

Aspectcoin / Azenix Swap

Aspectcoin is a cryptocurrency that was adbandoned (and dumped) by it's original developer. The community made an attempt to rescue the cryptocurrency by rebranding it into Azenix and redirecting development focus. However, the community member that started this effort decided that he did not have enough time to continue the project. Aspectcoin / Azenix has been in limbo ever since.

This bounty is an opportunity for the Swipp community to decide if we want to save the Azenix community and make them part of our family.


40 people have registered for the actual swap. The target for the bounty is 95 417 Swipp. Regardless of how much we manage to collect, we will most likely still try to do the swap at the swap ratio allowed by the collected funds.

Once the bounty is over, we will put information on Discord about the swap ratio we managed to hit. Everybody will be allowed to say yay or nay to the swap. Any funds left over in the bounty will be returned to the addresses that donated. If, say, for example, 20% of the total amount donated is left and not swapped, all addresses that donated to the swap will receive 20% of the amount they donated back from the bounty.


The bounty ends when we have either collected 95 417 Swipp or when we reach 2018 October 26'th 23:59:59 GMT.

Donating for the Swap

To dontate to the swap, please send any amount of Swipp to the Swipp address at SdTPLSxoFcBir6wQbwVmrQrJvBJcr5qGky (explorer). If you want to make a public donation, please use the messaging functionality of the Swipp wallet to send your alias or full name to to the same address (please make sure you use a source address that you used for donating to the bounty).