Swipp at a glance

Swipp is a modern cryptocurrency based on a secure hashing algorithm - offering blazingly fast anonymous transactions. The code base is actively developed by a skilled software engineering team with decades of experience.

The currency is a long-term project with a long-term development plan. The currency features sane returns and specifications intended to create a healthy cryptocurrency with longevity.

We feel that there is no masternode-enabled cryptocurrency on the market today that actually takes advantage of the underlying masternode network. This is something we want to change!

Swipp will be the first ever cryptocurrency to actually take advantage of the masternode network for more than mere transactions. At an initial stage, the masternodes on the Swipp network will host a web wallet and a bounty portal. To optimize the network and allow for a smooth service, we are also developing something we have dubbed as an adaptive masternode network. The technology promotes a distribution of masternodes in a way that benefits the network and optimizes the speed of the services hosted by the masternodes.


Swipp uses blockchain technology and is based on the X11 hashing algorithm in order to secure transactions and mining of the currency.


Swipp offers masternodes, securing and improving the speed of the network. With a collateral of 30 000 Swipp, anybody can run a masternode and receive a part of the Swipp generated on the network.

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(2018-07-15) New version (2.1.5) of the wallet is now available. We recommend everybody to update. After block 140 000, nodes running wallets prior to the Yggdrasil series are no longer accepted on the network.

The Team

Twiddler »

Lead developer

Narsh »

Co-developer, graphician & web designer

Vixor »

Co-developer, web designer & spokesperson

Chaozer »

Co-developer, server maintenance & mining pool representative

Ribdyne »

Exchange representative & web designer


We have a preliminary roadmap subject to change as we develop Swipp and it's infrastructure. On page load, the roadmap only shows milestones not yet completed. To show the complete roadmap (with completed milestones), please press the button below.

Q4 2017

  • Takeover announcement
  • Initial financing
  • Publish website
  • Publish block explorer
  • Update wallet and daemon source code
  • Post announcement on bitcointalk

Q1 2018

  • Rehaul some of the source code that seems to be in pretty rough shape
  • Implement adaptive masternode network
    You can read more about this exciting feature on the specifications page. While implemented, we plan on commiting and going live with this feature during the next quarter. This also allows us to do some further testing.

Q2 2018

  • Release a fresh maintenance wallet with bug fixes and improvements

December 2018

  • Release test maintenance wallet 2.1.6
    This release includes many bug fixes and improvements. No compiled binaries will be provided for this version. Aimed mainly at pools, exchanges and masternodes, the release allows us to test some of the new features and requires a custom compilation.


  • Release maintenance wallet 2.2.x
    This release will include many new optimizations and improvements to the daemon. The QT code base, which is highly inefficient and works really badly, will be completely stripped out and replaced with a new cross-platform wallet based on Electron and React. While this is being worked on, you can follow the work on this fresh wallet on our GitHub page.
  • Agreement with a Swedish business partner
    The will be offering co-location, storage, server leasing and VPS rentouts. They will accept Swipp as a payment option.
    A web shop selling reconditioned server equipment is also planned. This webshop will accept Swipp as a payment option.


  • Complete the Swipp payment REST service
    This service will be easily accessible and can be used by vendors that want to sell services and offer Swipp as a payment option. It has not yet been decided if this will be kept as a closed project or something that we will openly publish on our GitHub page.



  • Become a base currency on an upcoming exchange
    Swipp will become a base currency on an upcoming exchange. The exchange will utilize Swipp for paymeent of additional services on the exchange. The exchange in question will also share some of the collected trading fees with a number of masternode-enabled coins (Swipp being one of them).
    Please visit muntster.com to visit the promotional site for the exchange.
  • Implement masternode-backed bounty system
    This implementation is intended to facilitate the future development of the Swipp cryptocurrency.
    Masternodes will be in charge of creating new bounties and governing the bounty-fund which will be replenished using Swipp generated via newly created PoS and PoW blocks. Our initial plan is to allocate 5% of all the new currency generated on the network to the bounty-fund.
    A web portal will be developed that will be hosted and synced between the masternodes, creating a fully decentralized system where users can create new bounties, apply for bounties and claim bounty rewards.


  • Impement the PoC (proof-of-collateral) consensus algorithm
    A completely unique feature planned for Swipp is the proof of collateral consensus mechanism. While Swipp has always been a hybrid cryptocurrency generating PoW (proof-of work) and PoS (proof-of-stake) blocks, this will add a third block type, adding an additional layer of security to the currency. The PoC blocks will be generated by masternodes, staking the collateral that they hold. This will increase the ROI of masternodes by roughly 2/5 compared to the current return.
  • Implement statistical data into the wallet
    This will show information such as the price development of the currency, the network hashrate and block difficulty.


  • Partnership to provide a Swipp VISA debit card.
    This service can provide both virtual and plastic VISA debit cards. For this to be feasible, the Swipp currency first needs to establish some volume. When available, you will be able to deposit Swipp and pay for services with it - anywhere in the world.